ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Association) is professional humanitarian and development organization established in 1956 and operates in 141 countries. (www.adra.org)

ADRA Slovakia is part of an international network of organizations ADRA, which actively cooperates with. ADRA International doesn’t interfere with, control or dominate over ADRA Slovakia financial or personal politics. ADRA Slovakia was founded in 1993 and it is an active member of Slovak NGDO Platform.

ADRA Slovakia focuses on:


Managing Director ADRA Slovakia

“To provide help for people in need is the proof of humanity. Furthermore, whether we want or not, reality of cruel conditions of living of around 250 millions of families all around the globe (consequence of extreme poverty, wars and natural disasters) is also our problem and it involves us.

That is why ADRA Slovakia provides humanitarian and development aid. Effective legal, psycho-social, educational and volunteer projects in the world and also here in Slovakia are the ways how we solve the causes, not only consequences of the poverty.


Our aim is to lead people to independence. To enable affected family or victim of the violence to recover doesn’t cost too much but brings sustainable meaningful change. We also enjoy forwarding our years of experience to volunteers and to hundreds of smart people from the non-profit sector. It enables them to provide high-quality aid in the places of the highest need.


These are the reasons why we help and improve lives of people in need. That is why we educate and teach others how to provide help. Because we believe it makes sense.”

  • currently more than 65 million people worldwide live outside their home country

  • about 1.3 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty



A lawyer specializing in human rights and international law. Experienced manager and since 2014 Managing Director of ADRA Slovakia. Amid traveller, hiker and bookworm.

Daniel Kaba

CEO / Country Director

She keeps a cashbox and is responsible for a fair distribution of money to the places where it is needed. She likes to explore the world, and rest actively or with a book in her hand.

Klaudia Vlčková

Financial Manager

She studied international relations and was looking for work that makes sense. In ADRA she manages development projects that build civil society. She also likes nature and new countries.

Noémi Sárossy

Project Manager for International Projects

Alena manages projects, which change lives. She sends volunteers, where it is needed. Through traveling she recognizes the diversity of nations, where she seeks for common values.

Alena Horváthová

Project Manager for International Projects
Boba M. Baluchova-photo-edit-small

Boba has been working for NGOs, universities and media outlets in Slovakia, Czechia and abroad for 20 years. In her research and work she is on responsible development journalism (ethical media coverage of global issues and challenges), effective development cooperation, global volunteering, as well as development education.

Boba Markovič Baluchová

Expert on Media & Development, Communications manager

Barbora sees things differently. Thanks to her creativity she gives stories and added value to things. She likes to cook, exploring new tastes and enjoy the fresh morning breeze.

Barbora Kaba

Graphic Designer

Martin Pavelka

Volunteer (Georgia)

She worked as an investigator, counselor of the National Council for Women and lawyer of the BŽD. Provides direct legal assistance to domestic and sexual violence victims.

Daniela Borzová

Lawyer, ADRA KIT leader

On a long-term basis she focuses on asylum law and refugee project management. She loves travelling, photography, hiking, and searching for the beauty (not only) around us.

Silvia Hamerlíková

Regional coordinator of STEP 3 project

Counseling on integration of people with international protection in SK is her field of work since 2015. She is the fan of diversity and open mind. To her free time activities belong sport, travelling and books.

Emília Trepáčová

Social Worker, STEP 3

A lawyer who provides help to people in need in Slovakia and in her free time she is dedicated to folk dances.

Michaela Lygová


Lucia Klimáčková

Psychologist, ADRA KIT

Ivana Klimentová

Social worker, ADRA KIT

Helps clients in integration. She likes to get know new things through traveling, she loves good books and autumn.

Dominika Nagyová

Social worker, STEP 3
Veronika Leitmanova

Veronika Leitmanová

Volunteer (Ukraine)

Veronika Zimová

Volunteer (Albania)

Milan works for NGOs in Slovakia and abroad for 25 years. He is dedicated to programs for humanitarian aid, supporting civic participation and community development.

Milan Kajo Zbořil

Expert on Eastern Partnership and Civil Society Development

He likes to help, travel and give reports from the terrain. He never back-answers and he is everywhere where something is happening. Follow him on Facebook. 🙂


Crochet Reporter

Co-creating the world where people from the least developed countries will live more dignified and freer life and will be better prepared for possible humanitarian emergencies.


Improving living standards of people in the least developed countries in the field of development cooperation through programs, projects, advocacy, partnerships, education and awareness-raising; helping people in humanitarian emergencies caused by man or nature (in Slovakia and abroad) and developing regular and systematic volunteering in Slovakia.


ADRA is an organization based on Christian values, which cooperates and helps people regardless their race, skin colour, nationality, religion or political affiliation, with emphasis on the principles of humanity, independence, impartiality, neutrality, transparency, sustainability, accountability, participatory approach and feedback.


Bohumil Kern (Chairman of the Management Board)

Mikuláš Pavlík

Daniel Mudraninec

Peter Miľko

Ján Cierbus

Miroslav Číž

Daniel Kaba

The main governing body of the civic association is the Management Board. It consists of eight members who are from all over Slovakia.

Statutory representative of the civic association ADRA is a director, who is elected by the Board once every four years.


We like to help and run 🙂




Our aid in Slovakia:


  • We ran the Program of free legal help for people in need – in the first 7 months we helped and advised 139 people
  • We started to build ADRA KIT (Crisis interventional team) for victims of domestic and sexual violence and organize discussions around the country with the title: “Let’s talk about violence aloud”
  • Within the Integrative program STEP 3 we were providing the whole year counselling and complex services – social, legal, psychological for approximately 120 people (people with provided international protection in Slovakia)
  • In DC ADRA Košice we organized cooking of hot food for approximately 60 homeless people, help to marginalized groups, clothes recycling, support for families in crisis situation, mobile bloodletting, beneficiary concert, marathons, picture exhibition…



Our help abroad:


  • We trained and sent another 2 volunteers abroad (Barbora to Philippines and Veronika to Albania)
  • Together with organizations from France and Estonia we trained 9 non-profit organizations about hiring and more effective management of volunteers
  • We organized public lectures against xenophobia and intolerance for students and also 3 conferences and 2 trainings (Bratislava, Krakow, Kyiv) for social workers about various necessary topics
  • We provided not only material help for two orphanage houses in Kenya – 44 and 26 orphans in the poor part of Busia, Marachi
  • We bought a new machine for cleaning of sesame seeds and gained bio-fair trade certification, which enabled more than 500 farmer families sell their crops with even higher interest and send their children to school
  • We started cooperation with another 3 organizations and raised almost 26 thousands Euro to provide help for people in extremely dry parts of Kenya, we helped with the access to the water source and reparation of the wells in 34 villages
  • Our volunteer Samuel Čellár, who spent 12 months in Kenya gained the price Volunteer of the year by Slovak Aid
  • We accepted the invitation of president Andrej Kiska for business trip to Kenya (February 2017)


Thank you for helping with us. It makes sense.

See our Annual Report 2017 – ADRA Slovakia