We have been helping for 25 years, your 2 % of income tax will help for 100 %


Your 2% will help us to do our job even better and to help other families and children in need. Thanks to good companies and people like you, we change their lives for the better. You can donate 2% of income tax as an employee and also as a company – natural or legal person. It does not cost you anything extra and you do a good thing. Thank you.


How to donate 2 % of income tax?


  • If you are an entrepreneur or a company (natural person or legal person), submit a tax returnuntil March 31, 2017 – form for donation of 2% of income tax is included in a tax return. Please, do not forget to fill it
  • If you are employee, until April 30, 2017  send or deliver in person a completed statement of an assignment of 2% of income tax and acknowledgement of tax payment given by an employer to the tax authority

(if you worked at least 40 hours as a volunteer in 2016, you can donate 3% of the tax)


Account number for donation of 2% of income tax: SK50 0200 0000 0030 8423 6558

You can find forms required for an assignment of 2% of the tax here: http://rozhodni.sk/tlaciva

You can find data for easy filling forms or tax returns here: http://www.notar.sk/adra




How and where we help?

Follow our latest news on our Facebook page or see our photos, blogs, or sub-pages on our current projects and aid collections for people in need:


We help in the world but at home as well.
Although Slovakia belongs to rich countries of the world, there is still a lot to what can be improved and whom to help. That´s why 2% of your taxes donated to ADRA will be fully used in helping to people in Slovakia.


1. We provide legal aid to people in need – 2% of your taxes can change people´s lives for better
News 2017 – we help to people in need in Slovakia who don´t know their rights and need legal aid but they cannot afford it.
More information: www.adra.sk/pravna-pomoc-pre-ludi-v-nudzi/


2. We help the victims of domestic violence to start living a dignified life

News 2017 – we are building a complex center of psycho-social and legal assistance to victims regardless of sex, gender, race or ethnicity and social status. This support is provided by ambulatory, field and distance way.

More information: www.adra.sk/pomoc-obetiam-nasilia-kit/


3. We educate and help to prevent intolerance and xenophobia
More information: www.adra.sk/en/education-against-intolerance-and-xenophobia/


4. We take care of the integration process of people with international protection (Western Slovakia, Project STEP 3)
We provide qualified assistance and complex services – we help to 100 people to start a new life in Slovakia.
More information: www.adra.sk/integracia/


5. Together with volunteers we care about disadvantaged people – single mothers, families with small children who lost their house, disabled people, homeless people (Eastern Slovakia)
Photo from the terrain



We help to solve the root causes of poverty
We focus on long-term sustainable changes which enables families in need to stand on their own feet and to live self-sufficiently in their own countries.


1. Africa, Kenya, Busia – We provide work for farming families through bio and fair trade sesame cultivation. 522 farmers have already got a chance to pay education for their children.
The first growing season is over, 12 tons of sesame seeds is sold, we are buying a sesame cleaning machine.
Blog of our volunteer Samo: samuelcellar.blogspot.sk

Photo from the terrain

Video – why we are helping in Kenya and in Greece


2. Slovakia – We are looking for companies and entrepreneurs who would like to make their enterprising a social one – for example by giving part of their profit on helping to people in need.
Example of a social entrepreneurship (25% of profit to ADRA Slovakia): fairadventure.sk



We change the lives of people
We do what we are good at – capacity building, we give second chance to extremely poor families or orphans, we develop professional volunteering.


1. Ukraine – We train non-governmental organisations in management, fundraising and communications area
In 2016 our experts trained 191 humanitarian workers during 7 professional trainings.

More information: http://www.adra.sk/en/capacity-building-ukraine


2. Africa, Kenya, Marachi – We help to 44 orphans and to 100 half-orphans on the boarder of Kenya and Uganda
We have already collected 5000 euros for improvement of their living conditions.

More information: www.adra.sk/nemamnikoho

Photo from the terrain

Video – Concert for Slovakia


3. EU, Balkan, Caucasus, Maghreb – We reinforce the management of humanitarian volunteers – we are creating a system for effective functioning and safe stay (HVM Projekt)
More information:  www.adra.sk/en/hvm_humanitarian_volunteering_management/


4. Moldova, Hincesti – We have provided drinking water for 700 children in kindergartens, other 810 people were connected to water treatment plants, 2016/2017
More information: www.adra.sk/najkrajsi-darcek-cista-voda/
Field photos: Moldova – photos


5. Georgia, Armenia – We have trained 50 workers of non-governmental organisations, 2016



We save people in need
ADRA Slovakia announces special collections and volunteer activities during the natural disasters or other humanitarian crisis because we believe that helping to others is human.


1. Africa, Kenya – we got together for people who suffered from extreme drought.
More information:  www.spoluprekenu.sk


2. Croatia, Greece – We provided basic material and hygienic supplies to Syrian refugee families, 2016/2017
We involved more than 50 volunteers and we helped to 280 people every day.

Blog written by our coordinator Zuzka: http://adraslovakia.tumblr.com

Photo from the terrain

Video – why we are helping to Syrian families, Video – Distribution – hygiene


3. Greece, Thessaloniki – We collected wool and fabrics for Syrian families in refugee camps who made their own clothes for winter, 2016/2017

More about project: www.adra.sk/nemamconaseba

Photo from the terrain
Video – sewing and knitting as a therapy



1. We prepare and send Slovak volunteers to developing countries via Volunteer Abroad Program / SlovakAid program

More information: www.adra.sk/dobrovolnik-adra/
In 2018 four volunteers will be send to post-conflict countries with an aim to help people in need (Martin to Georgia, Veronika to Albania, another Veronika to Ukraine, and one senior expert to Ukraine too). In 2017 our volunteer Samo has become a Volunteer of the Year 2016 because of his great mission in Kenya. At the same year our volunteer Edita came back from Lebanon where she was working with Syrian refugees. Volunteer Janka was working in Albania where she is teaching children from disadvantaged environment. Veronika worked with people who was suffering the trauma after the typhoon in Philippines. In 2016 we sent to the developing world eleven volunteers, who were helping in: Albania, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya, Moldova, Lebanon, Ecuador and Georgia. ADRA Slovakia is one of the most effective and well-grounded Slovak organizations in the field of global volunteering.


2. We work on Reinforcement and sustainability in Humanitarian Volunteering Management – Project HVM (‘EU Aid volunteers’ initiative)

More information: https://www.adra.sk/en/hvm_humanitarian_volunteering_management/

In 2017 ADRA Slovakia has joined 2-years long project HVM which is focusing on reinforcement and sustainability in humanitarian volunteering management. The project is realized thanks to the financial support of the European Union within the EU Aid Volunteers initiative (EUAV) and it is led by the French organization ADICE. The project includes twelve partners coming from the European Union, Balkan, Caucasus and Maghreb. It has the form of trainings, mentoring and preparation for the certification, which will guarantee the necessary standards of effective functioning between the sending and receiving organization and the safe stay of the volunteer.


3. We work on Sending humanitarian volunteers abroad via Humanitarian Volunteers in Action – Project HVA (‘EU Aid volunteers’ initiative)

More information: https://www.adra.sk/en/hva_humanitarian_volunteers_in_action/

On October 2018 a group of ten nongovernmental organizations (including ADRA Slovakia) has launched a new 2-year project called Humanitarian Volunteers in Action (HVA) in French town Roubaix. This project is a continuation of (HVM) project. The aim of the HVA project is to send a number of volunteers to certified organizations in particular regions of the Global South for a period of six to twelve months.