Completed projects

Over the last 25 years we have been helping people in need in Slovakia, as well as in developing / much poorer countries. Our last completed projects were mostly implemented in the countries of the Global South. Here are listed some of them:

  • humanitarian aid and relief activities after natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, or social conflicts, refugee issues (Greece, Croatia, Philippines, Bosnia, Ukraine, Kenya);
  • development cooperation and preparation, as well as deployment of global volunteers abroad (Albania, Ukraine, Kenya, Georgia, Moldova, Nepal, Lebanon, Ecuador);
  • capacity building in the Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkans regions (Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine);
  • development of volunteering and providing legal aid to people in need (Slovakia).

Detailed information on how and why we help, please see our Annual Reports. Keep up-to-date on Facebook fanpage news or subscribe to our monthly newsletter by email. If you want to support our work and people in need, click on our donation page or become a member of ADRA SOS Club. Thank you for helping with us.