Capacity-building TEHV

Capacity-building of organisations in low-income countries

ADRA Slovakia is involved in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, where we train and deploy European volunteers in low-income countries. In order to join the initiative, our partner organisations have to obtain certification, which is preceded by comprehensive training and the development of extensive internal documents. ADRA Slovakia in the TEHV (Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteering) project provides technical assistance and trainings to ensure that the partner organisations successfully pass the certification committee's assessment. After certification, the organisation is fully competent to mentor volunteers in the field, coordinate their work or ensure their safety. 

Although the programme EU Aid Volunteers was terminated in December 2020, the organisations have the opportunity to apply for a Quality Label which enables them to host European humanitarian volunteers within the EU’s European Solidarity Corps initiative. Európsky zbor solidarity.


Many organisations in low-income countries would like to receive support from experienced volunteers from abroad who can be sent to them through the EU Aid Volunteers programme. However, in order to be certified under this initiative, they have to meet the demanding criteria required by the European Commission. Non-European organisations are often unfamiliar with European safety standards or administrative processes and need technical assistance and capacity-building training from European partners who are more experienced in these projects.  


In the TEHV project, together with European partners ADICE Association (France) and ADRA Czech Republic, we are building the capacity of IDEA Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan), Youth Initiative Centre NGO (Armenia), ADRA Serbia, Cambodian Youth Action, Women for Human Rights Nepal, Volunteers Centre Skopje (North Macedonia) and ADRA Lebanon.

The project is funded by the European Commission and managed by EACEA in cooperation with DG ECHO and DG EAC.

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