Humanitarian Volunteers in Action (HVA)

Humanitarian volunteers in action - opportunities and challenges

This project is a part of the EU Aid Volunteers (EUAV) initiative which contributes to the European Union´s ability to provide humanitarian aid and strengthen capacities and resilience of vulnerable communities in disaster-struck countries outside the EU.

HVA is a continuation of Humanitarian Volunteering Management (HVM) – capacity-building project. HVA objectives:

1) To support 7 organisations from non-EU countries and locals with the aim to strengthen their humanitarian aid projects and resilience by deploying 18 volunteers from the EU.

2) To strengthen capacities of these organisations and local communities in areas of project management and volunteering, advocacy, needs assesment and impact evaluation.

3) To promote activities of non-EU organisations, deployed volunteers (impact, outcomes, needs etc.) and the EUAV programme at local, national and international level.

Implementation period: September 2018 – March 2021

Fin out more about the project in the articles below.

The project is financed by the European Commission which covers 85% of the expenses. The EUAV programme is managed by EACEA (The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), DG ECHO (Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations) and since 2021 DG EAC (Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Spport and Culture).


Our partner organisations play a crucial role in their regions in humaniarian aid and development field, however, they are often lacking know-how, technologies and most importantly, expert personnel. Many foreign programmes focus on helping their target communities. Through this project 18 volunteers will be deployed to non-EU countries to support these partner organisations in their activities (Environment, Health and Nutrition, Education, Human Rights) and to strengthen their organisation capacities in humanitarian projects (project management, volunteers management, fundraising, communication). The expected number of beneficiaries: 800

ADRA Slovakia will deploy 5 expert EU Aid volunteers to partner organisations in Turkey, Albania and Georgia. The deployments will be 9-12 months long. Positions:  

Junior EU Aid volunteer, Communication Manager (Georgia)

Junior EU Aid volunteer, Physiotherapist (Albania)

Junior EU Aid Volunteer, Project Management Assistant (Albania)

Junior EU Aid volunteer, Projects Development Assistant (Albania)

Junior EU Aid volunteer, Marketing and Income-generating Activities Specialist (Turkey)


The projects involves three EU partners from France, Slovakia, Estonia and 7 non-EU partners from Albania, Georgia, Turkey, Morocco and Algeria:

Vysielajúce organizácie:

  • ADRA Slovakia
  • Adice – Centre d’information Europe Direct Roubaix, Francúzsko
  • MTÜ Mondo, Estonia

Hosting non-EU organisations:

  • ADRA Albania
  • ასოციაცია „მერკური“ (Asociácia „Merkuri“), Gruzínsko
  • Small Projects Istanbul – rebuilding lives (SPI), Turkey
  • National Center for Community Services (NCCS), Albania
  • Association AICHA Oumifiss, Morocco
  • Association Issaaf Jerada solidarité et développement, Morocoo
  • L’Association de Protection Contre le Sida (APCS : Hak El Wikaya), Algeria

Support our project

The HVA project ended in March 2021. You can support deploying volunteers through EUAV programme in our ongoing project Udržateľný rozvoj formou pomoci humanitárnych dobrovoľníkov 3 (SuDHAV3).


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