The best gift: drinking water

During Christmas people think what kind of a gift could please their neighbors. Whether a new phone, doll, laptop, book. Some people have got so many gifts that they do not even know what to do with them next. We, the family, drink hot tea and in the evening we take warm shower. We know that elsewhere in the world it is not so good, everybody still talks about poor children in Africa. Europe tends to be considered as developed country. Do you know which European country was the least visited last year? Moldova. People do not talk about this country and many people are even not interested in. The situation in the country is far from being a developed state and young people do not see their future there, therefore when they have a chance, they leave. What is the situation there? Moldova is one of the poorest countries of the European continent. Only about one third of rural households are connected to water supply, sewerage is almost completely absent. Moldovans awareness on the protection of water resources or the municipal waste management is inadequate. All these have an impact on the overall health of the population, resulting in frequent absence from school, work and worse education, worse job performance and low economic development of the country.

ADRA Slovakia has been working for years with ADRA Moldova on projects related to water and sanitation in Moldova with the financial support of SlovakAid. It aims to help to improve access to drinking water and sanitation for the local population. This year there are two main activities.

Since January we have implement a project called “Improving sanitation and hygiene conditions in the region Hincesti” in which there are installing 3 house waste water treatment plants in three kindergartens and one school. It includes also educational activities consisting of workshops on hygiene for children, parents and teachers in order to ensure the implementation of improvements in hygiene practices in places such as kindergarten, school but also at home. Teachers were also trained by expert from Slovakia. Living conditions of 700 people, mainly children, was improved. Through radio spots, aimed at highlighting the importance of right habits in this area it is even affected by the wider public.

We also participate in collaboration with ADRA Czech Republic in the project „Improving access to drinking water and conditions of sanitation in schools in the region of Leo„, in which there are installing four water purification systems and sanitation and 4 house waste water treatment plants in 4 schools. Direct beneficiaries are about 1200 people, notably students.

There are last steps in progress of the installation in December 2016. ADRA Slovakia, Czech Republic, Moldova, SlovakAid and of course you, supporters  of our activities, we, together give the most beautiful gift to the children in Moldova – clean water and therefore hope for a better future in their country.

Alena Horváthová, Project Manager ADRASlovakia

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