As we warmed body and soul of fleeing Syrian families

Do you also have a wardrobe full of clothes at home and you still think that you have nothing to wear? Imagine the situation that you really have nothing to wear – winter is coming and you have only one bag of things, which you were able to take away with you from your homeland while fleeing the war – bombing, persecution, danger of everyday life.

There are about 60 000 of such people living in Greek refugee camps. There are 1 200 of them in three camps in Thessaloniki, the place where we help. They are Syrian families with children, which have been forced to leave their homes because of the war. They have nowhere to go, they have nowhere to return. They wait for asylum interviews in very difficult conditions, some of them for over a year. This waiting is very demanding for them, physically and mentally. Therefore humanitarian and development organization ADRA Slovakia (check out our new website helps in these camps, especially in the field of hygiene – our terrain coordinator Zuzka and her volunteers distribute basic toiletries such as shampoo, soaps, diapers, toothbrushes, paste etc. However before winter, families in the camps struggled with a lack of warm clothes. In cooperation with ADRA Denmark we have purchased 10 sewing machines, cloth, wool, means for knitting and enabled the Syrian families to make their clothes for winter by themselves. And to come to different thoughts by meaningful activities.

What happened? Literally miracle! Sewing and knitting in the camps became very popular. Women knit beautiful designs of sweaters by heart. They learn from each other, teach their children, they repair torn clothing, blankets, which they received, remake into pajamas. They knit everywhere – women and daughters are sitting around the camp, and knitting. For them it is therapy.

Therefore on November 1 we launched a collection of cloth and wool for Syrian families. More than 200 people were involved and several newspapers, radios, bloggers, businesses and shops with wool and cloth showed their interest. We collected a big car full of material and more than 800 €, that purchase more wool and cloth directly in Greece. In late November, our volunteers Miro and Feri drove collected material to ADRA warehouse near the camps, where it is gradually distributed among Syrian families. They always look forward to next wool and cloth, which is given by ADRA Slovakia.

We are extremely grateful for that. Thanks to the good people who are involved in our collection, Syrian families will survive winter in three refugee camps in Thessaloniki not only in greater warmth, but also with a good feeling that someone takes care about them and helps them in their difficult situation. It is warmer and more cheerful for them thanks to wool and cloth from which they make clothes for winter. Learn more about how you too can help families in need and check out our pictures and videos directly from the terrain on or on our Facebook page. There are several ways to help (regular or one-time online donation, deposit directly to the account, 2% tax, etc.). Choose the one that suits you best. Thank you for helping with us.

ADRA Slovakia,